What is strategic communications?

… and why you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to need it

Strategic communications is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a strategic, high-level approach that maps out your organization’s business goals, and how to use communications to reach them. You’ll see it as a key leadership accountability in large organizations across most sectors, but your company doesn’t need to be on the Fortune 500 list in order to adapt and apply it on your own.

What is strategic communications?

Strategic communications is more than just a tactical operations plan. It’s a high-level look at an organization’s stakeholders and how to connect with them, mapping out objectives, strategies and outcomes. It can include tactics like brand partnerships, paid media, media relations, social media content or internal newsletters as part of those strategies – there are lots of tools in the toolkit!

What is the benefit of strategic communications?

Strategic communications provides leadership in assessing and supporting key business drivers like reputation, trust, authority and credibility. While marketing may measure brand awareness and engagement in various ways, the function works alongside marketing with a more fulsome horizontal view of an organization’s operations and relationships.

One of our favourite examples is Absolut Pride from fellow agency Enterprise. It aligns Absolut’s core values of inclusivity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Aligning internal and external messaging, navigating how to position an issue or a cause (or how to integrate with a cause), and building campaigns or programs to share the organization’s story (or protect its reputation) are all part of the role of strategic communications.

How do you build a strategic communications plan?

At Rise, we use a model called the PESO model to plan, strategize and then measure our clients’ communications efforts. It’s not only a satisfying Venn diagram of how to build authority, but it’s a planning tool that envelopes all the strategies and tactics that a brand might need to build their reputation.

Whatever size your firm or organization is, you will benefit from planning your strategic communications even if you have to start small.

At Rise Communications, we work with women’s empowerment causes, personal wellness organizations and those working to improve the world community. Let’s work together to help uplift your communications!

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By Sarah Kiriliuk

  • August 29, 2020
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