What is the PESO model?

…and how does it work in strategic communications and marketing?

Over the course of my 15 year career, the worlds of communications and marketing have merged and the definition of either has become blurry. That’s a conversation for another day. Where the two worlds come together in a holistic communications perspective is through the PESO model. The PESO model was created by our strat comms idol Gini Dietrich to help communicators. Using the PESO model, we’re able to plan, build and measure our value. It’s slowly becoming the standard for helping brands build authority from all angles.

The PESO model stands for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned communications channels. It’s used by marketers but is primarily the domain of communicators as it touches on much of the work we do.

How do we use this at Rise Communications for our clients? Our strategies are holistic, and combine tactics from all of the PESO petals into one integrated campaign.

Earned Media

An earned media strategy comes to life first as a social engagement campaign boosted with some sponsored content. This results in an integration of paid, earned and owned and eventually shared. These are all easily measured through website visits, social engagement and media coverage.

Paid Media

Speaking of paid, the P for ‘paid’ channels wasn’t as relevant a decade ago before digital grew up. Now it is a vital channel for our clients. Paid brand partnerships often come from the marketing side, but influencer relationships are still a key domain of communications. In addition, people still read print publications and watch TV so public awareness campaigns can extend out of digital and into print in the form of paid advertorials and PSAs.

Owned & Shared Media

What about owned? If you have a website in can be leveraged for brand journalism and thought-leadership content optimized for SEO – all of which will be used and shared through social media.

There are a multitude of ways we can help you implement communications in an integrated way into your business using the PESO model. Contact us to get a free communications audit and a report with our recommendations on how to get started with a communications program.

At Rise Communications, we work with women’s empowerment causes, personal wellness organizations and those working to improve the world community. Let’s work together to help uplift your communications!

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By Sarah Kiriliuk

  • September 1, 2020
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