5 Marketing Tips For Launching Your Healthcare Practice

Are you a naturopath, nutritionist, osteopath or alternative healthcare provider thinking about how to use marketing to launch your practice? If you are, then you’ve already got a jump on the competition. Believe it or not, many new practitioners building a practice don’t think about marketing before they launch. Here are five tips that will help you have your patients lined up before you even open your doors:

1. Determine your unique value proposition

Who are you and why are you different then the holistic nutritionist or chiropractor up the street? Do you focus on women and pre-natal? Do you have a personal brand that you could apply to your practice? Once you’ve figured this out, create a one-page brand bible that describes who you are, what your style and tone of voice are and your vision and values. This will help guide you in all the marketing you do.

2. Two to three months before opening build a website that is functional and has basic SEO setupĀ 

Health Clinic Marketing

What does this mean? Google uses a whole slew of tools to understand and rank websites. To help Google ‘see’ your clinic website, you need to start providing some basic content to it before you open the clinic doors. This includes the right page titles, meta tags, visible URL and the content that describes your services. You should also include a form on the site that gathers patients emails who are interested in booking an appointment once you open.

3. Make sure you have your Google Business page setup

Google makes it really easy to create a business listing and business page, and this helps to increase your visibility on the search engine.

4. Let locals know you’re a local business!

Send out a direct mail postcard to the neighbourhood announcing that you’re opening soon. This not only builds awareness for you, but also helps get your new clinic to the top in a Google search page. Wait, hold the press, how does an offline tactic help with online marketing? The potential patients who will receive the postcard will most likely Google your business name and search for your website even if the URL is on the postcard. This helps Google learn that you are local via people searching for you and helps increase your authority.

5. Advertise with Google Ads before you open

The only reason to advertise on Google before you open your doors is because Google rewards advertisers by increasing their organic result when people search for your service. Using Google Ads helps the system to understand you are a legitimate, local business and will begin to increase your visibility on Google search pages. The investment is small as you can set your budget as low as $10 per day. The return is that you can help generate patient leads before you even open.

Bonus Tip:
Outsource your marketing, so you can focus on your patients and your new clinic operations! Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

By Sarah Kiriliuk

  • July 24, 2019
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